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: : Get Out Alive : :
if you can
July 4th, 2010 
sideangle Steve
September 24, 1998 8:57pm - Umbrella Facility

Being inside buildings is tricky for me.
We just finished barricading the doors, but I'm a strong believer in when in doubt, know your way out. What scares me most right now is that barricading the door is both the smartest and stupidest thing we could do right now.

We're taking the stairs down. Again in military formation. Soldiers unwillingly waging war. Or willingly, depending on whose perspective you're taking.

I want to interrogate Oliver about the plant, but decide against it. I've already got enough people chasing me down without adding Aya and Ollie to the mix.
God, I hope Isaacs didn't see me

I'm considering taking a leaf out of Ollie's book; kill with kindness. I need to keep my sense of disconnect; they could turn, or I'd have to run... the less connections the better. I wonder if they know that too.

The door to level B6 is broken, hanging by the hinges. I pull in everyone's attention. "All qualms aside, we need to stick together to survive" you're using me as much as I am you "keep an eye out for exits, always know where everyone else is, and in close quarters, guns can prove to be more of a hazard than a helper." Aya and Ollie nod in agreement.

Under the stairs is a cluster of unused construction material. We all double check our ammo and begin improvised weapon selection. PVC pipe, you are my greatest ally right now. Aya and Ollie sift through the materials, arming themselves with what appears to be half-inch rebar.

Ollie straightens his posture - valiance is sure to come. "I'll get the door." Of course.
Aya and I position ourselves. We're getting good at this routine.

Ollie sends a foot crashing through the weakened structure. The door tumbles to the ground.

Silence fills the hallway before us, enveloping its victims in a false sense of security.

excuse my rudeness, but I believe that I know something...
September 24 1998, 9:05 pm- Level B6

This cannot possibly be a good idea....

Oliver kicks the door in and we're welcomed by a black corridor, silent as a tomb. Great. That's fucking comforting. First, I let the boys talk me into listening to Isaacs and actually GOING to level 6. NOW, I'm stuck walking through a dark hallway, with no way of knowing what's in there. Bloody brilliant.

I'm suddenly aware that the boys are looking at me, expectantly. Clearly, something has been said that I did NOT here.

"I said... typical formation?"

Nuh uh. I'm done with this shit. "No. If he thinks he's so fucking smart, let the kid lead. I'll pull up rear."

"...Uhh... Alright... No talking until we... find what we need..."

We line up and move out, slowly. I can feel the warmth of Oliver's body behind me as I walk backwards, rebar in hand, panning from side to side. Nobody speaks. We hardly dare to breathe. The air is thick and moist and the silence is so heavy you can almost feel it pressing down on your body. Every instinct in me wants to drop them both and get out. But I can't. Not Oliver at least. He's a good guy. This kid though... whatever ground we were making, he just lost it all. If he turns, I'll shoot his brains out without even bli-

Unexpectedly, I feel Oliver's back against mine and realize we've stopped. What the heck is going on?

Then I hear it... Groans from the abyss... The song of the infected echos through the hallway. They're here, somewhere. The blackness makes it hard to tell if they're in front or behind. Probably both. Regardless, we're pretty much trapped... There's only one way out. Straight through them.

"I knew this was a fucking bad idea." I murmur

Come out, come out, where ever you are...
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