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This is an online Resident Evil rpg community.
Welcome to the online Resident Evil Role Playing Game. I'm your host, known as nonefromnothing.
I would like to take this opportunity to state that we do not own the Resident Evil series, nor are we in any association with Capcom or any of its affiliates. This RPG is pure fan-fiction.

Now that's out of the way, let's go through some ground rules:

1. Here, everyone is friends with everyone. No grudges, fueds, etc. are to be brought into the role play. That's your own business.

2. Players are not allowed to kill off other players, unless the character in question was not assumed by someone. However, players are allowed to kill themselves off in the event they wish to leave the game. This does mean that in the event the player would like to re-join, a new application and new character must be submitted. (Including a logical explanation for why the character is there).

3. Characters can be from any Resident Evil game or movie. However, we are trying to keep the time-line consistent. If you're having issues with that, feel free to visit http://www.rehorror.net for time-line information. If your character does not necessarily cross paths with characters in the role play but not in the actual timeline, oh well. Exceptions can be made in that case. I'm really just trying to say that major events should follow the same pattern.

4. Be curtious of other players. Do not post multitudes of entries in one day - that makes it difficult for other players to keep up-to-date. [This also ties back to no fueds or grudges.]

5. Players are encouraged to create new, original, and interesting plot-lines. They may tie around events in the games/movies, and you're more then welcome to use the same events. However, it keeps the game interesting if other players have no idea what to expect.

6. Starting points for characters may vary. For instance: if you choose Leon Kennedy, according to the timeline, he doesn't enter the city until after the initial outbreak. To solve this, you can do one of a few things - break the timeline rule; create a sub-plot... what I'm getting at is to be creative.

Furthermore, everyone must post or email me their Application. Please title the application: "Another Survivor".
In your application, please include:
Your name (either lj or real)
Character Name
Character appearance (game/movie)
Character Age
Character special info (strengths/weaknesses, hometown, occupation etc.)
Why you chose this character.

That is the bear minimum of information. If you feel more is necessary, please feel free to add it.

Well, that was real fun (or funeral:O) Enjoy this:

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